The most views and attractive water slide videos in 2018

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Everyone who is reading this article, I strongly believe that you are interested in playing water slide. Many Youtube channels have posted videos regarding good play activities in many different countries. Some of the videos received a lot of views which means that those places are very attractive. Below, we will provide some videos with a large number of views to show you all. If it’s interesting, write it down in your travel plans.

Enjoy watching the videos together.

10- El Conquistador, Coral Self Taping on High Water Slide

Upload by: Rami Mor

Publish on 1 Nov 2009

View count: 19,938,109 views

9- Scary Tunnel Water Slide at Cascanéia

Upload by: AmusementForce

Publish on 23 Jan 2016

View count: 33,915,442 views

8- Magic Hole Water Slide at Aqualand Moravia

Upload by: AmusementForce

Publish on 15 Feb 2015

View count: 35,108,225 views

7- Big R4LLY Water Slide at Wet’n Wild

Upload by: AmusementForce

Publish on 11 Jan 2016

View count: 35,351,528 views

6- Water Park Superhero’s adventure – Fun Summer time

Upload by: Kidscoco Disney Club

Publish on 2 Aug 2017

View count: 38,105,233 views

5- Scary Anaconda Water Slide at Océade

Upload by: AmusementForce

Publish on 3 Jul 2015

View count: 39,235,592 views

4- Very fast water slide at Wild Waves

Upload by: Brian Ortner

Publish on 5 Dec 2012

View count: 41,580,890 views

3- BSR SUPER SLIDE – The Royal Flush in 4K

Upload by: ROUND III

Publish on 16 Jun 2015

View count: 44,360,413 views

2- The Green Thunder waterslide onboard the Carnival Spirit cruise ship

Upload by: Jim Zimmerlin

Publish on 25 Mar 2012

View count: 94,105,741 views

1- El Conquistador, World’s Longest Slide Ever

Upload by: Rami Mor

Publish on 2 Nov 2009

View count: 193,356,851 views