If you arrive in South Korea, do not forget to eat these 10 foods

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South Korea has become the destination that tens millions of people wishing to visit each year.

In this country, the most famous things in South Korea are related to plastic surgery or beauty products. But this is not the end of it.

South Korea is well-known for foods because they are not only delicious to eat, but also the price of the dish is even suitable.

Here are 10 menu items you should eat if you arrive in South Korea:


Image source: sonsufood.com

2-Blue BBQ(블루삼겹살)

Image source: blog.khnp.co.kr


Image source: ohmynews.com


Image source: ohmynews.com

5- Jjamppong(삼겹살)

Image source: ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/짬뽕

6- Tteok-bokki(떡볶이)

Image source: ggangdduk.com

7- Bibimbap(비빔밥)

Image source: m.blog.naver.com

8- Vegetable Pizza(해물파전)

Image source: twitter.com/hashtag/해물파전

9- Bulgogi(불고기)

Image source: insadongrestaurant.com

10- Shaved ice(빙수)

Image source: astudykorea.tistory.com