5 Helpful Tricks For Bringing Your Dog On Road Trips

Let’s face it, bringing your pet on a trip is like bringing a baby – you have to make sure that you bring everything they need, that their food will last and that you have treats and toys to keep them busy and out of trouble. While it may seem a lot of work (especially for first timers), going on a vacation with your beloved pooch is extremely rewarding, not to mention fun!

Here are a few helpful tricks you could try when you bring your dog on a road trip:

Do some research

If you’re bringing your pooch along, make sure that wherever you’re staying is dog-friendly. You don’t want to book a nice hotel, arrive and find out that they have rules against pets and you’d end up staying somewhere else. Check out websites such as Dog Friendly or Bring Fido to find hotels, restaurants, shops, stores and even rest-stops that allow pets.

Prepare a checklist

Dogs will need plenty of things when going out, especially if your trip will last for a couple of days or more. To make sure you don’t forget something important, make a checklist of your pet’s essentials. Make sure to bring a water bowl, enough dog food, poop bags, a leash, a collar, a tag with your contact number, grooming supplies, a towel, a kennel (especially fo large dogs), his bed or blanket, some favorite toys and of course, treats! It will also be handy to bring medications, medical records and vaccination certificates.

Feed him right

Feed your pooch a good meal 3 to 4 hours before you go for a drive to avoid an unwanted mess in the vehicle. Have some treats ready for him to nibble on to fight off hunger if you’re going for a long drive. You can also visit dog-friendly rest-stops to feed and hydrate your pet.

Keep him restrained inside the vehicle

Place your dog in a kennel or restrain him a with a pet seat belt while the car is in motion. This is not only for his safety but for the safety of everyone in the car as well.

Have some white noise ready

If your pooch is prone to barking and reacting to noises especially at night, it’s ideal to download white noise apps on your phone and let him listen to it. This not only helps him sleep but it will also limit the outside noise he hears.

Try these helpful tricks when bringing your dog on a road trip and you’ll have a more relaxing vacation!

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